Knowledge Schools Foundation


The formal objects of the Trust are

to advance for the public benefit, education in the United Kingdom by promoting the establishment, maintenance, carrying on, management and development of schools in The Knowledge Schools Trust.

The Aims of the Trust

The aims of the Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust are to promote the success of the Knowledge Schools Trust, including all the schools, in order to enrich the total educational experience for the pupils.

The Foundation Trust provides facilities, resources and activities not covered by the Knowledge Schools Trust annual grants from the Department for Education.

It provides grants that enrich the educational experience for the pupils in the Secondary and Primary Schools and Sixth Form such as:

  • The provision and maintenance of facilities, services, equipment and teaching aids.
  • Co-curricular activities in schools
  • Activities and opportunities outside of school such as visiting museums, galleries, academic fairs, universities, companies, events, other schools, etc.
  • Subsidies for pupils eligible for the pupil premium grant to take advantage of opportunities such as school trips, music, theatre and sports both inside and outside of the school
  • Speakers in school, pupil prizes and entering competitions.
Enriching the educational experience for pupils