Knowledge Schools Foundation


We have funded books for the school libraries at Palingswick House and Franklin House.

We are grateful to the Daisy Trust for a donation of £538 made in the summer of 2017 to enable us to purchase a set of inspirational books that address the progression from school to Higher Education and employment. As a result, our library is now populated with titles designed to help students make decisions on the short and long term choices they will need to make post GCSE.

Examples include:

  • So You Want to go to Oxbridge?
  • Oxbridge Entrance: The Real Rules
  • Entry to Medical School 
  • Getting Into Law
  • Getting Into Art & Design
  • Getting Into Pharmacology
  • I'm Good at English: What Job can I get?
  • I'm Good at Music: What Job can I get?
  • I'm Good at Science: What Job can I get?
  • I'm Good at Maths: What Job can I get?



Enriching the educational experience for pupils