Knowledge Schools Foundation

Process for applying for and approving grants

Applications for grants would be expected to come from

  • Headteachers, heads of departments and business managers
  • Local Governing Bodies (Enrichment Committees)
  • PTAs
  • The Trustees and executives of the Academy Trust
  • Parents of pupils
  • Pupils

Applications are expected to be endorsed by either a headteacher, Local Governing Body Chair or the CEO of the Knowledge Schools Trust.

Applications should include the following information:

  • The purpose of the grant
  • The amount of the grant
  • The timing expected for needing the grant
  • The benefits to be gained from the grant
    • The number of pupils impacted
    • The nature of the impact
    • How will the benefit/impact be measured?
    • What is considered a successful result from the grant
  • Will the grant be setting a precedent such that future grants may be required?
  • Confirmation that the facility/activity/service in question cannot be funded by the Academy Trust’s annual grant from the Department for Education, including the pupil premium grant, or from capital funding

The Trustees will consider applications based on the Objects of the Foundation Trust, the purposes identified above, stakeholder support and the perceived impact of the Grant in relation to resources used.

Requests for grants should be made to the Trustees of the Foundation Trust. In the first instance either by e-mail to or via mail to Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust, 8 Finstock Road, London W10 6LT.

Enriching the educational experience for pupils