Knowledge Schools Foundation

FunDS rAIsed AND Grants MADE

The Foundation Trust was established shortly before the opening of the West London Free School in 2011.  The core donations came from standing orders from parents and carers.  In some years the Trust has received grants and donations from Foundations as well as generous donations from interested individuals. These have made a very positive difference to the overall annual amount raised.  In 2016-17 the Foundation Trust began raising funds for the benefit of the Primary Schools and the 6th Form as well as the WLFS Secondary.


The majority of Foundation Trust grants have been made in support of the extra-curricular programme at the school enabling all children to participate in a wide variety of confidence and character building pursuits.  Additional grants have been made to enhance school facilities and equipment, music and drama programmes, library and books, educational support programmes and hardship situations.

More than half of the funds that KSFT has raised has come from regular donations from the parents and carers of the pupils in the the schools. Additional funds from Gift Aid, one off donations, grants from foundations, corporations and other benefactors have neen raised.


In 2019-2020 KSFT continued to primarity be funded from the generous donations from parents standing orders. Outside foundations restricted most grants to covid related beneficiaries. 


In 2019-2020 the pandemic impacted activities that the Foundation Trustnormally supports. However, the Co-curricular programme continued to provide benefit to the pupils and was the major recipient of grants.  Additional grants were made in support of a new computer suite in Palingswick House.  In direct response to the impack caused by the pandemic and lockdown KSFT made some grants in support of pupils and their families to ensure the pupils could continue to focuson and benefit by the education provided by schools in the Knowledge Schools Trust.

2018-19 was a landmark year in obtaining a major gift From Johnnie Boden and Julian Granville to fund 3 major projects at Knowledge Schools Trust. Standing order income remained strong as well as getting other one off gifts and collecting Gift Aid for 2 years.


Based on the Boden Granville gift, the Foundation Trust was able to support the Curriculum and Educational Assistance projects in the Educational support area and the World of Work programme in the careers area. Co-curricular reamined the largest area for grants.



In 2017-18 the Trust continued to rely on standing order income plus a very welcome grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation. 


Grants were again focused on the Co-curricular programme with music, library and career education support attracting additional support.


In 2016/17 the Foundation Trust provided grants primarily for the extra-curricular programme both catxching up with prior years and for the substantially revised and improved programme in 2016-17. 


In 2015/16  The Trust spent $43,278 on the part-funding of a Multi-Use Games Area at Palingswick House, providing a much needed outside sport facility. The Trust also funded library books and a set of Penguin classics used in form time reading.  The music department was supported with funds for tuition at the Royal College of Music with the remainder going to the school's extra-curricular programme.




Enriching the educational experience for pupils