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Fundraising News

In addition to our core funding (regular voluntary donations from parents), we actively seek external grants to support pupil enrichment. Since 2017, we've raised over £350,000 from sources outside of our parent community.

This is made up of:

  • a generous seed fund from Johnnie Boden and Julian Granville for the development of our Primary Knowledge Curriculum.
  • a generous donation, initially over 3 years and then for a subsequent 3 years, from Johnnie Boden and Julian Granville to fund our World of Work Programme at the West London Free School.
  • a grant from the Big Lottery to fund our 2019 school production, Into the Woods.
  • a grant from Learning Through Landscapes for gardening equipment for the West London Free School and Kensington Primary Academy.
  • sponsorship of our school hockey teams, by Boden.
  • a grant from the Thomas Cook Children's Charity to fund the purchase of rare orchestral instruments including the tuba, bassoon, oboe and double bass. 
  • a grant from the Big Lottery to help transport pupils to some of our off-site after school activities.
  • a grant from Garfield Weston Foundation towards our core costs.
  • two donations from the Daisy Trust for library books.
  • a grant from EMI Sound Foundation to enable us to purchase a double horn.
  • a generous donation to enable pupils to attend the summer Rodolfus Foundation Choral programme.
  • several grants from John Lyon's Charity for pupils in Years 6 and 8 to attend theatre productions and participate in Shakespeare themed workshops at The Globe Theatre





To see the complete list of projects we're fundraising for, visit our fundraising page

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