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How you can help

The Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust is very grateful for all donations received.

The Trust is a registered charity (No 1138194) and can reclaim tax on all donations that UK taxpayers make under the Gift Aid scheme. This increases the value of the gift to the Trust and decreases the cost of the gift to donors.

The best ways of giving are generally:

  • By one off donations
  • By spreading payments using standing order
  • Through a company.  Companies are able to claim Corporation Tax relief on all donations to charities.
  • Through a tax-exempt charitable trust or foundation
  • By direct transfer of assets, such as stocks and shares.

One off donations

One off donations can be made through MyDonate, by cheque or by direct internet payment.


To make a one-off donation to the Foundation Trust please go to our Mydonate site:

MyDonate accepts credit and debit card donations and also provides the Foundation Trust with an additional 25% in Gift Aid. The only cost is £0.15 on debit cards and 1.3% on credit card donations. In the personalised message box, please advise to which school fund you would like you donation credited (e.g. Secondary, Primary, Earls Court, Kensington, 6th Form)

By Cheque

If you would like to send the Foundation Trust a cheque directly, please send it to:

Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust
8 Finstock Road
W10 6LT

Please advise for which specific school you want the donation to be made or if it is for all the schools.

By Internet Payment

If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation Trust by direct payment via the internet please make payment to the

Co-operative Bank
Sort code 08 92 99

Account # 65439218 – KSFN - WLFS Secondary

Account # 65795143 – KSFN - WLFS Primary

Account # 65795172 – KSFN - Earl's Court Primary

Account # 65795169 – KSFN - Kensington Primary

Account # 65795185 – KSFN - WLFS 6th Form

Donate monthly by Standing Order

For parents, carers, and other supporters looking to make regular monthly donation to the Foundation Trust, please print and complete one of the appropriate standing order forms below. Please choose the form for your child’s year group as this includes the instruction to the bank to stop your donations when your child finishes Year 11.

For 6th Form the instruction to the bank ends when your child ends year 13.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please also complete the gift aid form. This enables the Foundation Trust to claim an additional 25% at no further cost to you.

Secondary School Parents

West London Free School Secondary Including 6th Form Standing Order please click here

If you require a Gift Aid form, please click here

Please return the forms to the Finance Department, West London Free School, Palingwick House, 241 King Street, London W6 9LP or email scanned copies to

Primary School Parents

Standing orders by school can be found at the links below.

West London Free School Primary please click here

Earls Court Free School Primary please click here

Kensington Primary Academy please click here

If you only require a Gift Aid form, please click here

Please return the forms to your individual school or email scanned copies to

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