Knowledge Schools Foundation


FunDS rAIsed AND Grants MADE

The Foundation Trust was established shortly before the opening of the West London Free School in 2011.  The school has grown by one year group each year, and the voluntary parental contributions to the Foundation Trust have increased in line with this growth.  In some years the Trust has received generous donations from other sources. These have made a positive difference to the overall annual amount raised.

The majority of Foundation Trust grants have been made in support of the extra-curricular programme at the school enabling children to participate in a wide variety of confidence and character building pursuits.  Additional grants have been made to enhance school facilities and the purchase of school transport. 

In 2015/16 the Trust funded library books and a set of Penguin classics used in form time reading. Almost half the income was spent on the part-funding of a Multi-Use Games Area at Palingswick House, providing a much needed outside sport facility. The music department was supported with funds for tuition at the Royal College of Music with the remainder going to the school's extra-curricular programme.

In 2016/17 the extra-curricular programme has been substantially revised and improved. Once the year is complete, we will report on how this has been funded. 

Enriching the educational experience for pupils