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Since 2011, when the first school in our Trust opened, we have raised funds from parental donations in support of the Extra-Curricular programme of the West London Free School.  

In 2017, further to input from our stakeholders, we embarked on an external fundraising programme to fund the project listed below.  We aim to continue the programme in 2018.

The expansion of our musical excellence programme at the West London Free School to enable us to: 

  • send some of our best singers to the high end Eton Choral Courses each summer. We would like to raise enough money to send up to ten pupils per year at a total annual cost of £7,000 (£700 per pupil). 
  • broaden our rare instrument scheme which promotes the playing of the tuba, double bass, oboe, bassoon, trombone, marimba, alto flute, tenor sax and french horn. This year we've raised £5,500 for instrument purchases, from a generous donation by the Thomas Cook Children's Charity and £750 from the EMI Music Sound Foundation for the purchase of a double horn. We need a further; £4,242 to buy a marimba, £1,360 for an alto flute and £850 for a tenor sax. Hear about the scheme from the school's Director of Music, Ed Watkins



  • fund instrumental tuition for ten musically talented pupils per year on each of these rare instruments at a cost of £4,200.
  • improve the quality of live performance in the school hall at Palingswick House by installing an upgraded sound system. 
  • fund an ambitious choral and orchestral Christmas production. In 2017 our choir performed  Birtten's Ceremony of Carols and the school orchestra accompanied a live screening of The Snowman at St Paul's Church, Hammersmith. We aim to put on a similarly ambitious production in 2018. Our costs include venue hire, performance rights and music hire. 
  • stage high quality musical theatre productions every two years. Past productions include Oliver! (2013), Sweeney Todd (2015) and Les Miserables (2017). The productions incur the costs of performance rights, venue hire, stage, set, costume and prop hire, totalling approximately £9,000 each year. Our next production will be in 2019.

Extra-Curricular Activities for All at the West London Free School

We offer a rich and ambitious extra-curricular programme that is free at the point of use. While parents are asked to make a voluntary monthly contribution to fund the programme, not all parents have the financial means to do so.  We aim to raise £10,000 per year to contribute to the shortfall that this brings ensuring that disadvantage is not a barrier to participation.

With no playing fields or sports halls onsite we incur significant costs in transporting pupils to  to off-site locations including Dukes Meadows, Kings House Sports grounds, Team Keane Sculling school and Kensington Primary Academy where activities take place. The school has invested in three mini-buses  to transport pupils, seating between 14 and 16 pupils each, they are used both in curriculum time and for extra-curricular activities. The annual running cost of the mini-buses amounts to £6000. We would like to fund £2000 of these costs to cover their extra-curricular use. In addition we hire full-sized 53 seater coaches for transporting pupils in larger numbers. It costs more than £200 to make each journey in a full-sized coach. Over the space of a three term academic year we make at least ten trips per term for each off-site after-school sports club.  

Sponsorship of our high performing sports team

Competitive sport is core to the offer at the West London Free School. We field teams of both genders in multiple year groups across a variety of sports. We hope to raise funds to supply school branded sports kit and cover fixture transport for our netball, football, basketball, rowing, tennis, cricket and rounders teams initially.  Over two years we need to raise £41,000 and over three £53,000. We are delighted to have secured sponsorship of our hockey teams. 

A bursary fund for activities week

A climbing cage at Kensington Primary Academy

The re-surfacing of our Multi-Use Games Area at Cambridge Grove 

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